first aid

Long time First Aid and martial arts wolking togheter. Our oganization make every year special ecuaction for instructors in this case. We make very serios resurching for company who make educatino in profisonal level. Finaly we find – First Aid Academy – young peopple, doctors and paramedics, peopple who have very positive poit of veuew of all point of causes of first aid.
And we make first profesional educatino of our instrustors. There will explenation lot of diferent casuses of different problems who may be happend in one traning of martial arts.
Thanks for our instruktors from FAAcademy, for his profesionalism, and wor his interestin way to explenation. We are ready next education, and we fill prepared an more motivated to made first aid in this is need.
Shihan Kamen Radev

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